Why Should You Join The Chamber?

Because of the many reasons listed here and because it makes good, sound, business sense to support the organization that will do so much for so little money. Without your support many important services will not receive the attention they need.

It’s a Business Promoter

The Chamber of Commerce is the only organizer of promotions such as sidewalk sales, the shopping directory and the shopping map. Thousands of people visit Ligonier because of our events.

It’s a Tourist Promotion Center

Hundreds of tourists and prospective tourists write, telephone, email or visit our office for information about the Ligonier Valley’s attractions. Tourism is the Valley’s biggest industry.

It’s a Community Coordinator

The Chamber organizes and manages many programs such as Fort Ligonier Days, summer band concerts on the Diamond, Santa’s Arrival and Christmas Lighting for the Diamond, and much more.

It’s a Community Voice

The Ligonier Valley Chamber of Commerce acts as a “legislative watchdog” and frequently takes a stand on local, state and federal legislation (or lack thereof) on issues affecting all the people of the Valley. We work closely with the Town Council and Township Officials to improve the quality of life in the entire Ligonier Valley.

We are Behind Community Improvements

Beginning with the Fort Ligonier Memorial Foundation, the Chamber of Commerce has either started, or supported, most community projects for over sixty years, including the Ligonier Valley YMCA.

It Answers Your Mail and Phone Calls

The Chamber replies to thousands of inquires about your community, including questions from prospective tourists and people with new business ventures. We answer 10,00 phone calls a year from people requesting information. Nearly 2,500 information packets go out by mail each year.

Thank you for visiting the Ligonier Valley Chamber of Commerce website. The Ligonier Valley Chamber of Commerce is a community builder. We focus on ways to make the community a better place to work, live, and visit. We focus on making Ligonier’s businesses stronger and we focus on fostering an environment where business can prosper. In many ways, the success of Ligonier is directly tied to the success of its business community. And the success of the Ligonier Valley Chamber is directly tied to its membership base. If you are not a member, we encourage you to join!

What is the Ligonier Valley Chamber of Commerce?

We are a voluntary association of concerned business and professional people and other community-spirited citizens, pooling our resources, manpower and collective wisdom for the benefit of the entire Ligonier Valley.

Below are details about who we are and what being a chamber member means to your business.

Events We Sponsor to Bring People to Ligonier:

  • Annual Calendar Photo Contest
  • Annual Dinner
  • Christmas Lighting of the Diamond
  • Santa’s Arrival
  • Quarterly Mixers
  • Sidewalk Sales
  • Summer Band Concerts
  • Ligonier Ice Fest
  • Soups On!
  • Antiques on the Diamond
  • The Stroll
  • Community Idlewild Picnic
  • Fort Ligonier Days
  • Merchant Trick or Treat
  • Scarecrow Contest
  • Town-Wide Open House
  • It’s the Front Door of Your Community

The Ligonier Valley Chamber of Commerce is the place where visitors, new residents, executives, businessmen and others obtain their first impression of the soundness and hospitality of the area. Most of all, the Chamber is people–like you and me, working to make the Ligonier Valley a better place to live and do business.